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I am having difficulty locating a flooring inspector for Northern Virginia, any suggestions? I just had a sheet vinyl installation (Gerflor). We noticed the seam sealer appeared glossy, not matte and pointed it out to the installer right away. We got three different responses to our inquiry about the gloss. It will dry flat, it will go away in 3 days, and then it will go away in 3 mos. Of course we responded skeptically after 3 different responses. When he came back on day two to bring some transition pieces they neglected to have on day one, because of our query, he did some things to the seam. I know he used mineral spirits and some scrubbing or scraping. some, but not all the gloss was gone, but the area around the seam appeared duller, less color than the rest of the floor. This made the seam stand out just as much or more than the gloss. I don't know if the floor has residue from the seam sealer/mineral spirits, or as I suspect the color has been permanently damaged from what they did. I am concerned both by the cosmetic appearance and any long term consequence for the seam integrity. Also concerned about how this might affect the manufacturers warranty. I put an inquiry in to them, but have not heard back It is a large area with full glue installation. I think I would like a 3rd party to render an opinion on the situation. Is this the appropriate action?
Category: Flooring Post By: BRAD BARKER (Dearborn, MI), 02/11/2019

Yes you can but its going to cost you.

- DANA RIOS (Hattiesburg, MS), 05/14/2019

I realize there will be a fee, I had found that site, but none are even within an hour of my location.

- ERIN LITTLE (Kingsport, TN), 04/26/2019

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