Forum Title: Luan over an old plank subfloor for Coretec Plus?
Hi, all. I'm a homeowner about to install Coretec Plus and, pulling out the old, beat up hardwood I found I had an old plank subfloor instead of plywood. The planks are in pretty good condition and mostly level, but there are some areas where planks are lower or higher than others, and a few spots where a plank is loose. To be safe should I just put a layer of Luan over the plank subfloor and then put the Coretec on top of that or is that an extra step and expense that I don't need to worry about? Is a plank floor in generally good shape alright to have Coretec installed directly on top of it? Thanks in advance for your help. Sincerely, Jason Bloom
Category: Flooring Post By: RICK CONTRERAS (Whittier, CA), 03/06/2019

Luan is not acceptable under any flooring. It tends to have voids between the plys which can collapse. It also can stain. I wouldn't put any vinyl plank directly on the old plank floor either. At the least, I would use an underlayment grade 1/4 plywood subfloor. If it were mine, I would probably put at least 1/2 plywood over the planks.

- ANDREW KING (St. George, UT), 04/07/2019

Thanks for your reply, Floorist. I only mentioned Luan specifically because a friend who almost had LVT installed and had a similar plank subfloor was told by his installer that he wouldn't put in the flooring without first adding a layer of Luan. But what you've said makes sense. My only fear with putting in 1/2 plywood over the planks and then the LVT is that the threshold into the kitchen might look a little silly with such a big step down. If I put in 1/4 plywood will I be unhappy with the final installed results? Should I maybe step up to 3/8 plywood as a happy median?

- CLAUDE TERRY (Killeen, TX), 05/04/2019

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